Monday, September 27, 2010

James says the funniest things.......

Oh......Little James.
First off, I have to say, This kid can be embarrassing now that he talks (shouts). Whenever we go somewhere James is yelling "Hi Grandma! Hi Grandpa! " TO ANYONE WITH GRAY HAIR!!!!
Last week at the playground James was a hoot. There was a girl who was about 12 years old just playing at the park. She was a tall girl with an athletic build. This girl climbed on top of the monkey bars and laid down. James was fascinated! He watched this girl for a few minutes. When she began to move, James yelled "BE CAREFUL GIANT! BE CAREFUL!". Then, James felt he needed to get her attention even more. "Hi Giant! Watch this Giant! Tadaaaaaaaa, Giant". This poor girl couldn't figure out why he was calling her a giant. James kept a close eye on the "giant". I mean, who can blame him. When there is a giant in the area, you are wise to know where it is! The girl proceeded to climb down from the monkey bars. As she climbed down James again yelled "Hi giant! Be careful Giant!". This poor girl became self conscious.....(probably thinking that my laughter was directed at her, rather than the crazy kid who decided she was a giant). The girl tried to play on other things but James kept following her and yelling words of caution to "the giant". He finally chased her off. James stopped at the edge of the playground and yelled "Get Back Here, Giant!" till the girl was out of sight.
My abs still hurt from laughing so hard!!!!

Adam passed the UTAH BAR!!!

Dear Adam

I am so very proud of you. You have worked for many years to achieve your goal of becoming an attorney. You have made it through law school and now you have passed the bar! I am so happy for you, me and our family.

Dear Me,

I am so proud to say that I have supported my husband through seemingly endless school, studying, and stress. I am a great wife, mother and cheerleader. Adam could not have done it without me....nor would he have wanted too!

Shea turned 8!

Shea is going to be baptized on October 9th! We are excited for her to make that big decision. Shea is a great little girl, full of life, spunk, and natural talent! Shea is excelling in piano, and she is enjoying soccer with plenty of goals to her credit. Shea, you make me proud!

Friday, July 2, 2010

What we have been doing the last 5 weeks in Utah

This is my very first suit. I will be honest, a little awkward. I did not know if I should button buttons or what. I put this suit on and realized, the power to make big decisions come alive in the suit!
Adam is sporting his "Birthday Suit". Not what you think folks! My parents bought him a suit for his birthday.

James decided to be Mickey Mouse. I think he did a fine job with his costume.

Elmo is a tiring playmate.

Shea turned into a turtle at the Hogle Zoo.

James and my new hair cut at the Children's Museum.

Shea and Kennedy playing together. So cute!

James loves to play ponies when this cute little Cameron plays with him!

My dad did a fantastic job packing this trailer for our move!

Shea and James enjoying their last day at the beach before our move.

The kids and I at Adam's graduation

James loved this hot dog!

Little Updates

This is my amazing Grandma Halls with my Fantastic Father In Law, Bryan Larson. My grandma was very close friends with my Father in Law's parents, Byron and Betty. Seeing this picture just reminded me of how blessed I am because without my mother's friendship with Bryan, my Grandmother's friendship with Byron and Betty, my life would be very empty because I would not have had Adam in my life. Thank you grandparents and parents for assisting in giving me a best friend and eternal companion. Love to you all!

Friday, April 23, 2010

April Showers!

Here are the cutest cousins in the whole world!

Shea has found her talent with the pogo stick! Shea has counted 167 continuous bounces. Shea can jump with one hand, jump rope on the pogo stick, and bounce all the way to the mailbox and back. I think Shea was inspired by Tigger.
The pogo stick has some risk involved. As you can see from the photos above, sometimes the bouncing can get pretty carried away! In some cases, it can leave you in the bush.
Shea recently participated in a ward talent show. As soon as I can find my USB cable for my camera, I will post her performance on YouTube!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Larson Updates

James is out growing his stroller. Luckily his desire to walk increases daily. His desire to run has been with him from birth.

We went to the Long Beach Aquarium for the first time last week. We had such a fun day. We began by eating at Famous Dave's. Yummmmm! Then, we went in to look at some fish. There were so many fish. I thought the displays were as good and better than Sea World's display of fish. Shea pet more than 5 species of Sharks, along with a variety of plants and overgrown sting rays. James wanted nothing to do with the petting aspect of the aquarium. He was more than happy to simply look at the fish.
Shea wanted me to take a picture of her where it looks like the crab legs are her arms.

This is a "special" shirt that is so very appropriate for my children. They both earned one.


Funny story. First, yes, that is tap shoes.....putting on make up..........
James is interested in everything. He wants to investigate whatever he can get his paws on. He just happened upon things that will embarrass him for years to come.