Monday, September 27, 2010

James says the funniest things.......

Oh......Little James.
First off, I have to say, This kid can be embarrassing now that he talks (shouts). Whenever we go somewhere James is yelling "Hi Grandma! Hi Grandpa! " TO ANYONE WITH GRAY HAIR!!!!
Last week at the playground James was a hoot. There was a girl who was about 12 years old just playing at the park. She was a tall girl with an athletic build. This girl climbed on top of the monkey bars and laid down. James was fascinated! He watched this girl for a few minutes. When she began to move, James yelled "BE CAREFUL GIANT! BE CAREFUL!". Then, James felt he needed to get her attention even more. "Hi Giant! Watch this Giant! Tadaaaaaaaa, Giant". This poor girl couldn't figure out why he was calling her a giant. James kept a close eye on the "giant". I mean, who can blame him. When there is a giant in the area, you are wise to know where it is! The girl proceeded to climb down from the monkey bars. As she climbed down James again yelled "Hi giant! Be careful Giant!". This poor girl became self conscious.....(probably thinking that my laughter was directed at her, rather than the crazy kid who decided she was a giant). The girl tried to play on other things but James kept following her and yelling words of caution to "the giant". He finally chased her off. James stopped at the edge of the playground and yelled "Get Back Here, Giant!" till the girl was out of sight.
My abs still hurt from laughing so hard!!!!


  1. girl, that is soooo freakin funny.

    btw, you have the best laugh in the world. I think most of you Thompson/Davis women do. It's addicting. I miss it. ;)

  2. Thank you Brittany! I appreciate that. I have always been a believer in just laughing out loud.

  3. hi-larious!!! did she have a big head???